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Hooton happenings

The good and the bad about working through a time difference

From New York to Amsterdam and back, Hooton member Carson Tabakin shares her virtual work experience and essential tips for managing the art of straddling time zones.

Why We Will Never Shut Up

Hooton founder Heloise Hooton on why climate justice communication must never be silenced

Senior PR Executive

What I learned about PR by moving from Bangalore to Amsterdam

Hooton team member Janhavi Raja had the perfect start to her PR career in Bangalore…so what was it like to relocate to Amsterdam and begin afresh in a completely unfamiliar country?

Five Questions For…Heloise Hooton

Hooton founder Heloise on how she can spot a potential Hooton employee across a crowded room, what she loves about working in Amsterdam, and why bad PR is her nemesis.

What next, now that Cannes Lions has lost its creative spark?

A week after the #CannesLions2022 our founder Héloïse Hooton shared her takeaways from the event, questioning its future as a creative leader. "There’s a real gap in the market for a new version of the old Cannes – a new international festival of creativity for the communications and marketing industries."

The perks of starting your career in a small PR agency

Small agencies might not be top of mind when looking for your first job but they hold great opportunities. Our PR Manager Anna Maria Tortorici Montaperto shares her experience of starting her career at Hooton and why it turned out to be a journey she will always treasure.

Learning to embrace uncertainty in 2022

Uncertainty has become a certainty in all of our lives. Jump in on this article written by our founder Heloise, who details what PR firms can do to move through the turbulence of the year 2022.

Happy 7th birthday, Hooton!

Our founder Héloïse, shares some musings about starting and running a PR agency. A much-needed scoop of inspiration for all the budding entrepreneurs out there.

What applying for B Corp-certification taught me about realistic sustainability

The feeling of frustration (and dread) in terms of what we as citizens of the world are supposed to do post-Cop26 was growing for us. We applied for B Corp certification for Hooton at the end of the summer in 2021, so there’s that at least. We were then, in a backlog of applications, which gave us hope - that there are more of us out there looking to hold ourselves accountable. In this article, our founder Héloïse Hooton shares a couple of learnings from Hooton's journey of joining the B Corp league.